Annual Individual Membership

If an author wants to publish more than one paper in this journal then the author can opt for Annual Membership of this journal. Annual membership offers some additional discount. Membership is offered to reduce the economic burden of the regular authors.

Terms and Conditions

Annual membership charge: 30 US$ / 31 Euro / 27 GBP / 1000 INR

Validity: One year

Discount: A member will enjoy additional 20% Membership Discount on Effective eJOURNAL Price (publication charge). Membership is journal specific and non-transferrable. It is imperative that a member will get this additional Membership Discount for a manuscript if he/she is an author of the manuscript. INR is applicable for Indian authors only. There is no limit on the number of papers published by a member within the membership period. (Example: Normal eJOURNAL price is 500 US$. Suppose a journal has 60% discount for a month. So a normal author will pay 200 US$ as effective eJOURNAL price. But a member will get additional 20% discount on effective eJOURNAL price. So a member will pay 160 US$.).

Acceptance: Membership is not related to the peer review and acceptance conditions of any manuscript, submitted by a member. Peer review and acceptance of any manuscript are completely controlled by peer reviewers and editors of the journal.





Last Update: 05 January, 2023